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20 Tips to Save Money and Cut Down on Expenses

Nowerdays money is the most important thing in world. Money helps in all periods of life and gives us a secure and prosperous life when we are not in the state to earn. From childhood onwards we get to learn about saving the money that can be used in emergency. Money gives us inner strength and provides confidence to our mind. By saving we can slowly-slowly fulfill our dreams or any other aspects of life no matter having a low pay-grade. If anyone doesn’t, it should be started as early as possible.

Here are 20 tips that will help you to save your money, one of the best way to save money is to cut down on expenses.

Save Money and Cut Down on Expenses

Save Money and Cut Down on Expenses

Quit Personal Unnecessary Expenses:

One could start saving first by quitting smoking, avoiding fast foods or leaving the thing to which he/she is addicted to. A smoker knows how costly it comes and in reply takes our life. These type of addiction comes with the shopkeepers bill and takes everything with Doctor’s bill.

Save Electricity:

Save Electricity

Save Electricity

The easiest way of starting the savings is to have a look and turn all electric appliances off, when its not in use or in standby. We must turn off our lights while leaving. We should switch to CFL’s or LED’s everywhere in the house, not instantly but as the older bulb fuses we can switch to it. It is expensive but lasts longer and decreases the amount of bill.

Keep Yourself and Surrounding Clean:

Today if we get ill, medical bills cost more. The best way to avoid it is to keep our self and our surroundings clean. We must wash our hands every time we go out or use bathroom. It’ll keep safe from all bacteria and viruses. If we keep our surrounding clean we’ll be safe from mosquitoes and other insects.

Shop Cleverly:

We must shop cleverly that means, we must check the rates of different stores and brands before moving. We can also move to generic brands or do the shopping of festivals or holidays, just after it. If we have a habit of good preservation of things for long time, we can buy the gifts or clothes for the occasion just after it. Like we can buy decoratives of Christmas just after Christmas for the next year or the clothes of winter just after the winter has passed. There are massive discounts on the products of the venues that passed nearly.

Get Insurances:

Get Insurances

Get Insurances

As we all know the main benefit of insurance is after death and is so helpful to those who don’t have more earners. Housing and Automobile Insurance is also helpful when we suffer from accidents, maximum the percentage of bill is paid by insurance companies. And if everything goes right then also we get our money back after the fixed period with a huge interest.

Prepare All Types Of Meals At Home:

It means that we must prepare all types of food at home such as Lunches, Snacks, Meals and even the party-stuff at home. By spending some time in kitchen one can make cheaper, better and healthier food for us. There are many of cook-books easily available in the market in every language, by which it would be easier to eat healthy and tasty food of our own choice.

Save Fuel:

Save Fuel

Save Fuel

We all know how the fuel rates are rising these days and as it is a natural resource we don’t have a known massive quantity. So we must save it not only for money but also for our future. We must put our ignition off at traffic and reduce the use of A.C. when not needed. By driving a vehicle slow and in constant speed, it reduces the use of fuel and saves money.

Wave the Fees:

If you take any service it takes sign-up charges on any kind. We can ask them to wave the charge, not always but sometimes it helps and the fee gets reduced by some percentage. We can save more money by just being forthright of not to pay excessive charge.

Get All Household Appliances Personally Maintained:

We can save money just by dusting and giving normal servicing to our household articles and mechanical equipments. By doing just an hour of work on a regular schedule, we can reduce the break down and can repair it before becoming disaster. Good maintenance of our houses and property keeps it in better condition and also improves the value over time.

Start Car Pool or Take Public Transport:

Car Pool

Car Pool

The advanced way of saving money (i.e. fuel) nowadays is carpooling and to take public transport. If two colleagues of a company lives nearby it is easy to go to office with one car a day or if it suits they can take their cars on alternative days. Or if the public transport system comes under our reach, we must prefer it because it is cheaper and removes the hassle of parking and cuts additional expenses.

Plan For Debts First:

If we want to save money and are buried under debts and are having a great problem of it, one must start by clearing his debt first. If first of all we start of clearing debt it’ll take some pressure but soon we’ll come to see that we are free from debts and have a big saving per month in the sense of debts and its interests.

Buy Groceries in Bulk:

Buy Groceries in Bulk

Buy Groceries in Bulk

The items which we use a lot should be bought in bulk. As if we buy sanitation products and other uneatables in large number. We can buy generic products or products which can be kept for sometime in heavy quantity because there are huge discount on taking bigger packs and we’ll save the travel expense too. Vegetables and other groceries can also be kept fresh in refrigerators.

Work Hard and More:

If we are working hard and more we didn’t have much time for shopping and spending money. If it’s not more we can start a work of our choice or a work which we like to do the most. If we keep ourselves busy we’ll only recognize the important works and not the unnecessary. By this we can stop us from spending more money and also will earn extra for the overtime.

Go Online:

Always when we have to pay bills or to buy something we must consider online. This gives big saving. As we come to know about the cheapest rate of goodies on different sites and also get discount on bill payment from various sites. As well as we save our transportation charge by shopping online.

Be Creative:

Creative Homemade Gifts

Creative Homemade Gifts

We can also express our love to friends or family members by gifting them self-made products. If we gift someone a handmade or handwritten note expressing our feelings, our love will show more sentiments than the expensive one, which might not be used ever. It would also be appreciated among all as everyone has its own free way to celebrate holiday or birthdays.

Control Your Expectations and Emotions:

Some of us also have a habit to spend under pressure or spend for showing emotions. Before every major expense we should think twice and no expense should be done to show someone we won’t like.

Start Saying No:

Sometimes we get emotionally blackmailed by our friends or colleagues or kids for spending money in waste or just for a little pleasure. There’s nothing bad in saying direct “no” to all these but also if you are hesitating, then you must pass on the situation anyhow. Because they are not smart who spends their money for others pleasure.

Save on Birthday, Weddings, Holidays, etc.:

Budget Wedding

Budget Wedding

We can also save money on these occasions by organizing it in our place. This will definitely save lots of money and people will come to see your house, instead of roaming in hotels. By this your home will also be serviced and repaired for the program.

Have a Watch On Tariff Plan For Telecommunication or Internet:

Nowadays the bills of mobile and internet are getting to its peak, we have to pay different charges for calling, sms, using internet, etc. We can manage it all by taking tariff plan according to our need. It reduces bill but also keeps in balance the use of gadgets.

Watch and Track Your Expenses and Progress:

Inspite of being ashamed one should start saving whenever he/she realizes the truth. In saving also one should have a look towards expenses and always try to reduce it further. We must track our progress of saving and always plan to increase it by a bit.

The original fact is that there are lot more ways of saving money; we should develop the ways which are suitable for us and start living life with our own principles. Slowly-slowly by saving one can fulfil their needs, their deeds and their dreams in a safe and organized way.

One thought on “20 Tips to Save Money and Cut Down on Expenses”

  1. Ray says:

    Nice work! Agreed with planning and getting rid of debts first. Bad debts are seriously like “reverse investments.” They make you lose a ton of money using the power of compound interest.
    For buying in bulk, doing that for non-perishables is a great tip. For us, however, since the grocery store is less than a 10 minute walk away, we just buy when necessary. Having too much food encourages overeating (and overspending on more food).
    Saying no to friend invites (hang out+spend money) is also a great tip. Spending a ton of money every Friday drinking session adds up throughout the years.

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