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My name is Harshwardhan Azad Singh. I am 20 years old, fair looking boy with my own principles. I live in the world made by God and totally modified by us (i.e.human being). I have a small family of 3 persons, my mom, dad & my elder brother. We have our own house in Ranchi, the capital of Jharkhand. We have a good earning and lives life with a great pleasure. I am good at studies and have a massive attraction towards cricket and social media.



Almost 2 decades ago, when my life started we were with my Grandfather who was an Engineer. As all I was also prince of my Grandpa and also the attention point of my family. As these golden period crossed, I was forcefully sent to one of the reputed ICSE organization. Then the life originally started with lots of discipline and expectations. As i was a sincere student, my position was always stood among toppers. Slowly-slowly the age, the burden and the rank started increasing. But then also I managed to maintain my reputation of a good boy till Matriculation. One thing else I was very good in cricket and was there in my school-team. One reason of distraction from studies was this too, as we went to different schools for matches and the rest in practicing for matches. I managed the duo and also have some good trophies and medals hung on my wall. The most extreme was the circle of friends which I joined in my locality for entertainment. This entertainment always showed horror during result days.

Some understand one thing from minor mistakes but fools take time and I was one among them. As my Matric results were out again I managed to clear but not with very good marks. The period of curse and failure started and some among my circle-friends decided to shut it off. So we decided to move away from our parents and to start a life all alone, with no one to interrupt. We decided to move Delhi, we took some money, our favorites and a small bag and dispersed. It was all good till we had balance, as our pockets nilled our minds also started going wrong. Then we decided to earn some money for our living and got a private job of 12 hours a day. Within a week we all realized that what are serious fundamentals of life, we all were totally broken but no one has the strength to talk to our parents. Few days passed on and we got calls from our houses, everyone was saying to leave everything and come back home. We all started getting the hard feeling of guilt that after creating such a big mistake, we got the same love from them as earlier or even more than that. Uptill then we also realized our mistakes and decided to get back with a promise of full obedience to our parents for the rest of our life.

As tensed we were, the more our mom’s were tensed of getting us fast-back. Exact on the platforms we got some slaps, some hugs and a lot of tears of love. Negative of our thoughts everyone was very glad to see us. Then again after a gap of year I continued my studies and was back in action because this time I got to realize what important study has in a persons life. I gave Intermediate with Science stream and got a good percentage in board exams. My family members started planning of my future, out of the city for engineering. This was again getting hard to leave again so, I stood my voice and talked to my guardian. The point was clear that I want to study but not from faraway so it was easily understood and acceptable to all.

Now I am happy with my life. I am continuing my studies, I daily have a healthy meet and conversation with my parents and I am also doing a Computer Operated job in my spare period. We all always think of beeing freed from all this human relationships but as we get all things sorted out and in a good track we get to realise that the mind gets patience with all, not alone.